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David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC Blog

What Sets Us Apart From Other Contractors

We understand the concerns of homeowners in Dickson, TN. That’s why we take questions about our pricing in stride. We know price is always discussed when there are other technicians in the area who would do it for a lower price. The key thing to note is this: comparing quotes isn’t always apples to apples. You should consider things like time, experience, and attention to detail.

Our team’s work is backed by highly trained and insured technicians. We’re a team that keeps our integrity close to our heart. This is why we take care of our customers with such meticulous attention. Today though, we’re going to get into exactly why great service may cost you a little more.

Higher Quality, Better Service

Let’s start off with a recent experience:

A newer business in the area was having issues with their computer servers overheating. They called us to diagnose the problem. Upon inspection we noticed neither the system nor the ducts were properly sealed and the heat was leaking out of the uninsulated ducts, causing the servers to overheat in the same room.  Upon further examination, we identified items that we would have done differently to prevent issues in the future.

What We Would Have Done Differently

David would have sealed up the ductwork in the utility room that housed the servers and the furnace. This would have limited the amount of heat escaping and overheating the servers.

The problem with the initial set-up was that the indoor system sat directly in the overflow drainage pan. If the system were to have leaks, the leaks would go right back into the ductwork potentially creating rust or mold. To prevent this potential problem, we set our indoor systems on special blocks within the drainage pan. Water can cause problems for the systems and surrounding objects and flooring. We also add multiple water overflow switches to turn off the system if the drainage pan starts to overflow.

The system had a very flimsy filter that had to be cut to fit every time it had to be changed. We also would have used a higher quality 4-inch media filter. These don’t need to be changed as often and they filter the entire space. Plus, the customer doesn’t have to cut them with scissors to fit.  

David’s Approach

David’s approach is always to look at the long-term. Saving money on the front end could cost more in the long run.

For example, David uses above-code insulated ducts. This prevents sweating on the inside of the ducts, and it keeps an accurate temperature reading of the air. Another thing we insulate is bath fan ducts, which helps with condensation when used while you are showering. We even take the extra step to pull the insulation all the way to the end of the duct and make sure it wraps the entire boot in the floor. We take the extra steps to make sure your equipment is registered so you receive the full parts warranty.

David has over two decades of experience. He’s seen what works best for the longevity of your HVAC system and he puts this knowledge to use.

Nobody likes to hear their unit or return grills make noise when the unit turns on and off. David offers higher SEER American Standard equipment that is known for having a quiet operation. David gives the air flow process extra attention to ensure you do not hear your system running. We want you to feel the comfort, not hear the comfort!

If you see a higher price from us, just know you are getting better quality products and installation techniques. Don’t discount your home’s HVAC service in Dickson, TN. The quotes you’re seeing from different HVAC companies mean something. There’s always someone willing to do it cheaper, but you may not get the same product or installation protocols. David likes to compare it to a cheeseburger. You wouldn’t try to get a good burger from a chain fast food spot. You’d go to a local spot like Little Bite of Everything that puts love into their burgers. There, you can get personalized service and all the special toppings you’re looking for.

It’s the same with our team. Our price accounts for our well-known American Standard equipment, expertise, high SEER-rated applications, and a great warranty. Make sure you consider the quality of the work and your long-term comfort before you schedule with someone else!

Contact David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC for your HVAC services. A name you can trust.

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