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Five Warning Sounds That You Need Heating Repair


When it comes to getting your home’s heating system repaired, the sooner you have it done, the better for the heater. (And probably the less expensive too.) You don’t want to get caught off-guard when your heating system shuts down entirely. Thankfully, a full heater breakdown rarely occurs without some kind of warning. If you know the warning signs to watch for, you can schedule heating repair in White Bluff, TN early enough to prevent bigger problems.

In this post, we’re going to look at five sounds from your heater that can warn you of trouble. Odd sounds are among the most common warning signs from a heating system, and these are the ones that crop up the most often:

#1. Grinding and shrieking

These are mechanical noises that come from motors. A shrieking sound often means that the bearings in a motor are wearing down. If the bearings wear down completely, the motor will soon burn out because of friction. If you call in time, technicians can replace the bearings and keep the motor in good shape. Grinding usually means a motor is already burning out and will need to be replaced. 

#2. Clicking

Most heating systems will make some clicking noises as they start up. This is normal. The problem is when these noises are common or loud. In a heat pump, this clicking might mean that the capacitors in the system are starting to fail or the heat pump is hard-starting (drawing on more power than necessary to start the compressor). In a furnace, the clicking sound can mean the electronic igniter is struggling to start or there are troubles in the control board. If the sound occurs after the blower motor shuts off in a gas furnace, the clicking could warn of a cracked heat exchanger, a serious problem that needs to be fixed ASAP.

#3. Rattling

A rattling noise could be as simple as a loose front panel door. But it can also indicate that there are parts coming loose or which have already come loose. Don’t try to open up the panel to the furnace/heat pump to see if you can find the loose part—leave this work to the professionals. 

#4. Hissing

If you hear this coming from a natural gas furnace, shut the furnace off immediately and turn off the gas to it: there may be a leak in the gas line. If you hear this from a heat pump, it’s warning that there is a leak in one of the refrigerant lines that’s allowing high-pressure gas to escape. (A related sound is bubbling, which means liquid refrigerant is escaping.) 

#5. Booming

This is a sound you may hear from a gas furnace. It’s the sound of a large amount of unburned gas in the combustion chamber igniting at once. This can mean the furnace’s ignitions system is faulty or the flame sensor is malfunctioning. You don’t want this to continue, so shut off the furnace and call for repairs right away. 

When you need heating repair in Dickson, TN, call on David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC. A Name You Can Trust.

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