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Late Season Heating Problem? Don’t Delay Having It Repaired!


Once April comes around, most of us are ready for the warm weather to settle in and just stay. It’s spring: we’d all like to be done with winter and move on.

Of course, the weather doesn’t always behave the way we want it, and early spring is an unpredictable period. You’ll still need to pay attention to your heating system, and that means knowing when it’s time to call our technicians for heater repair in Dickson, TN.

We can hear your objection now: “Do I need to worry about scheduling repairs for a heater when it’s already spring? It’s not like I’ll need the heating system that much, and the warm weather will soon be here.” We’ll explain more below why it’s always wise to stay on top of a malfunctioning heater and have repairs done as soon as possible.


We’re HVAC professionals with years of experience, and we can tell you that safety is the number one priority when it comes to taking care of heating systems, especially gas-powered furnaces, which are the most common type. Although not all malfunctions with a home heater will create hazards, this isn’t something to gamble on. Even electrical heating systems can potentially create fires and other dangers if certain malfunctions are neglected. Please don’t take this type of risk: call us to inspect and repair your heater as soon as you detect something wrong.


As we said at the top of this post, spring weather is hard to predict. Even into June, we can experience cold snaps that will make it necessary to switch our heating systems back on. Leaving a heater with an unattended repair is inviting it to suddenly fail the next time the outdoor thermometer drops. Repairs as needed give you the best chance of having the heater ready to deal with any surprise shifts in a tumultuous spring. 

Energy Efficiency

Most malfunctions in a heating system, even if they don’t outwardly affect the heating output, will create greater strain. When a heater must expend more energy to overcome the obstacles of a repair problem, its energy efficiency will decline. That means you pay more to run the heater, and you may even pay more while getting less heat. This isn’t a good bargain! Repairs will ensure the heater works at its highest efficiency for the rest of the time you need it this season.

Bigger Repairs

A single repair issue with a heater has a high chance of triggering other problems. Just the increase in strain in the heating system alone can cause other parts to begin to break down. The malfunction will likely worsen into a larger problem that costs more to fix if repairs are delayed. Refrigerant leaks are a good example: without fast repairs, leaking refrigerant will lead to the compressor failing and the entire AC needing a replacement.

There’s no reason to delay repairing your heater when you can call our technicians. We’re here to help whenever you need it!

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