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We Can Help Expand Your Use of Natural Gas in the Home


Along with working on natural gas heating systems like furnaces, we also provide service to install, repair, replace, and maintain gas lines in Dickson, TN. This is a job that you only want to trust to experienced and licensed professionals. Inferior work on gas lines can create significant dangers for a house, so always turn to our highly trained team and trust to our great reputation when it comes to your gas line needs.

How much do you use natural gas in your house?

Your home has a connection to the municipal gas supply through a gas main. You probably use natural gas specifically for your heating system (such as a furnace) and in the kitchen to power the oven and range. But is that all you use gas for? There are more possibilities you may have overlooked. 

For example, gas water heaters are less expensive to operate than going with an electric water heater. (In fact, an electric water heater is the largest consumer of electricity a house can have—more than a central AC.) You can also have a powerful gas laundry machine, which saves money compared to an electric one. You can use gas lines to put in a gas log fireplace and replace your old wood-burning one, and you can also have a gas-powered grill put outdoors for summer cook-outs.

The best benefits of using natural gas

Electricity is a convenient way to power a home if it doesn’t have access to a gas line. But natural gas in general offers many excellent benefits compared to electricity for the appliances that can use it. Here are some of the best advantages of using natural gas in your home as much as possible:

  • Natural gas is one of the most affordable sources of energy available to homes. With electrical costs rising, natural gas becomes a more attractive option than ever. New high-efficiency gas appliances can help you save hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year.
  • Natural gas is conveniently available compared to other heating oils such as propane. You have to take delivery on propane if you want a propane-burning stove or heater. With natural gas, it’s piped right to your house.
  • Where electricity experiences some energy loss on its way to your home—you only get around 36% of what was originally generated—100% of natural gas energy reaches you. 
  • Natural gas appliances work faster at delivering heat than electricity. Gas furnaces provide warmth sooner, and if you’re a cook you already know the benefit of the instant heat of a natural gas stove and oven. 
  • Using natural gas is a benefit to the environment. It’s a clean-burning, efficient fuel, and it’s produced domestically.

You may have some worries about the safety of natural gas. It’s true that gas-powered appliances can leak gas or create combustion hazards. However, with proper regular maintenance and professional service, the risks of using natural gas are minimal. You can always count on our team members to keep your safety in mind when we work on your gas lines or any gas-using appliance.

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