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The Importance of Clean Indoor Air

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When we talk about “home comfort,” we tend to focus on heating and air conditioning. There’s good reason for this—home comfort is largely centered around temperature control. Another key factor that impacts your home comfort is clean indoor air. If you’re looking to improve your home’s IAQ, we’d suggest an air filter in Dickson, TN.

Finding the right air filter isn’t difficult. We know it can seem this way if you hit the internet and just search this phrase. You’re going to be bombarded with results. In reality, it’s pretty simple to choose from everything that’s available to you with the help of a professional.

Why Is Clean Indoor Air So Important?

When you talk about indoor air quality with any professional, you’ll hear them tell you how important it is. Today we want to break down the “why” behind this. It impacts you in the following ways:

Your Home Health

Having dirty air cycling through your home actually makes your house work much harder. Your home health suffers when you’re forcing dirty air to cycle endlessly through your ductwork.

This is because air that’s full of dirt, grime, bacteria, etc. makes your home’s heater work much harder to circulate. You might not notice that you’re struggling with your home’s indoor air quality right away. Instead, you might notice that you’re paying higher energy bills.

If you notice that you’re paying higher energy bills and it comes as a shock, the first area you turn to should be your indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality makes your HVAC system work harder for the same output. This is bad for your bottom line and for the lifespan of your heater.

Your Personal Health

Your indoor air quality affects your personal health too. After all, it’s the air you breathe when your indoors, and now we’re indoors more than ever before.

If you’ve noticed that in the last year or so you’ve developed allergies, started snoring, or had cold-like symptoms all without a cold, then your indoor air quality is affecting your personal health. Poor indoor air quality has adverse effects on your personal health so you should never let this get out of hand. Handle it with the care of our team.

Why Choose an Air Filter?

If you read through today’s blog and realize that you need better indoor air quality care, get in touch with one of our professionals for guidance.

We recommend starting with an air filter. Air filters are equipped to handle just about any contaminant that’s making it harder for your home to perform. Although this is a great product on it’s own, only professional installation and follow-up care is going to help the unit reach its full potential.

Our professionals are adept and certified. We’re here to help you with anything you need. We pride ourselves on being there every step of the way. You can count on us from installation to maintenance and repair work.

Contact David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC today to schedule an appointment for your maintenance services.

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