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Why Won’t My Furnace’s Burners Stay Lit?

Monday, March 7th, 2022

Gas furnaces are the most common heating system found around the country because of their capacity to generate heat, their reliability, and the lower cost of natural gas compared to electricity. But no gas furnace can be 100% dependable, and you may come across a problem where your furnace’s burners don’t remain lit long enough for you to get enough heat for your house. 

What’s causing this? There are several possibilities, and in most situations, you’ll need to call professionals for furnace repair in Ashland City, TN. You don’t want to tinker with a gas furnace yourself: there’s a reason most furnaces have a warning on their front panel not to open it! Let our licensed experts handle the work so we can resolve the issue effectively and safely.

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The Difference in Air Purifiers and Air Filters—And Finding the Right Ones

Monday, July 5th, 2021

The air in your house could probably be cleaner than it currently is. We can say this because it’s true for most homes. The construction of modern houses emphasizes making them energy efficient, and that requires building them “tight” so that little heat can move in or out. But this has the side effect of trapping air indoors, where it can become filled with pollutants, many coming from indoor sources. Improving the indoor air quality of your home may require installing an air filter or air purifier in Ashland City, TN.

But which one? And what’s the difference between the two? We’ll get into that below.

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