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Zone Control System Services in Dickson, TN

David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC can help you improve your home’s heating and cooling with a zone control system. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a way you can heat some rooms and not others during winter, or provide extra cooling to rooms that turn baking hot in summer, zone controls may be the answer.

Our HVAC pros offer installation, repair, and replacement services for zone control systems, and we’re glad to answer any questions you may have about them. With our help, we can put you in better control over your indoor comfort—you’ll not only enjoy more even heating and cooling with zone controls, you’ll lower your monthly energy bills and give your household members customized comfort options. 

We’re a name you can trust in Dickson, TN. Schedule HVAC service today.



Zone Control Systems

Imagine if all the lights in your home came on at the same time when you flipped one switch. That’s extremely wasteful! Why should your HVAC system operate the same way? Zone controls divide your home into different "zones" you can choose to heat or cool separately. You only need to send conditioned air to the zones you choose. You can operate the zone control system from a central thermostat or from individual thermostats in each of the zones. A series of dampers inside the ducts opens and closes to distribute the air the way you want it.

Zone Heating and Cooling

There are numerous benefits of using a zone heating and cooling system:

  • Lower energy bills: You can reduce your monthly energy costs because you won’t need the AC or heater to waste energy on empty rooms.

  • Personalized comfort: No more "thermostat wars" among family members. Everyone can have the heating and cooling levels they prefer for the zone they’re in without affecting the others.

  • Custom room comfort: Some rooms need more heating or cooling than others, and zone control allows you to customize. Extra cooling for the kitchen, more warmth for an infant’s rooms and rooms with less insulation, etc.

  • More even heating and cooling: You’ll get rid of the hot and cold spots in your house by programming the zone controls to allow conditioned air to move evenly through the zones.

Zone control gives you greater options and flexibility for home comfort. You’ll probably wonder how you ever got along without it.


Rely on Professionals for Zone Control Service

If you’re interested in a zone control installation, you only want HVAC professionals for the job. Our experts at David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC can install zone controls as part of a new HVAC install, and they can also do a retrofit for a current system. We’ll help you determine how many zones will work for your house so you get the most from this upgrade. 

You can count on us for zone control system repair, maintenance, and replacement. We provide quality service on all the jobs we do for customers in Dickson, TN, and we stress honesty and loyalty with our customers. Call us today to find out more about zone controls or to schedule service.