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Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Dickson, TN

Whether you're looking for Dickson, TN central AC installation, heat pump installation, or ductless AC installation, our technicians can provide the services you need. Our team of experts are trained on a variety of AC systems. We're locals with deep roots in the area, so we know what it takes to keep your home comfortable in Dickson, TN and the surrounding area. 

We offer a 1-year money-back guarantee on certain equipment installations, as well as extended labor warranties on certain high SEER units. The next time you are about to do an internet search for “AC installation near me,” save time by contacting us instead.

Call the pros at David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC to get started. We are A Name You Can Trust.

Central AC Installation and Replacement

Here in Dickson, TN we’re known for our expertise with energy-efficient AC systems with high SEER ratings, both for central AC replacement and central AC installation. There are several benefits to installing a high SEER system:

  • Lower utility bills through the summer
  • Better humidity control
  • Helps the environment with lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Qualify for rebates and incentives

We also work with standard SEER systems that meet the ENERGY STAR qualifications: we will find the matching system for your home and your needs.

We take special care to ensure we size a new system correctly so that it matches the space it needs to cool. If an AC is undersized, it won’t provide enough comfort, and if it’s oversized, it will drain immense amounts of power, run down rapidly, and cause humidity problems. We’ll get your new AC sized accurately so you’ll enjoy the best cooling and energy-conserving performance from it for many years.

Zone Control AC Installation

You don’t have to cool your entire house each time the central air conditioning system turns on: if you have zone control installed, you only need to send cooled air to the rooms that need it. When you arrange with us for zone control installation, we’ll divide the house in to different zones with their own thermostats. You control which rooms receive cooling via a central thermostat, or people can make requests for cooling from the local thermostats in the rooms. Zone control will help lower energy bills and provide customized comfort to your household. 

Packaged Unit Installation

For homes that don’t have the indoor space for a standard split system air conditioner, we install packaged AC units. A packaged unit is similar to the standard air conditioning system, except instead of placing the evaporator coil and air handler inside the home and the condenser coil and compressor in an outside cabinet, all the components are placed in a single outdoor cabinet that connects to the ductwork of the house. Packaged units offer benefits for the right homes, and we’ll see you’re matched with the right type of AC unit to meet your needs.

Ductless AC Installation and Replacement

Do you have an older house or a smaller house that can’t accommodate ductwork? If so, you aren’t without an HVAC solution. We can provide you with ductless AC installation so you can ditch the window units and enjoy cool and comfortable summers.

Our team is your resource for ductless AC replacement as well. One of our professionals can assess your ductless unit to see whether it needs a replacement or not and then provide the necessary services. No matter the size of your home, we can help ensure you have the best AC system possible.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

Are you ready for a customizable, energy-efficient HVAC system? If so, a heat pump installation can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. To ensure that your new heat pump works correctly, schedule the installation with a team of professionals. We’re the locals to call!

We can install a heat pump in your long-standing home or your new construction project. Whatever you need, we can provide the high-quality equipment and service to guarantee your satisfaction. Make our team your resource for heat pump replacement. Call us today to schedule an appointment.