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Heat Pumps in Dickson, TN

The standard HVAC system of an air conditioner and central furnace isn't the only way to deliver home comfort around the year. Heat pumps are excellent replacements: electrically powered systems that deliver both heating and cooling. They're superb alternatives to both electric and gas heating, and are the equal of standalone air conditioners when it comes to cooling.

David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC provides reliable service for heat pumps in Dickson, TN. We're always happy to help with comfort solutions that have high SEER ratings, which means the system consumes less power to provide comfort, saving you money and helping the environment. We also also work with standard SEER-rated systems, and you can trust that we'll find the right match for your home and your needs.

Contact us today. We are A Name You Can Trust with home comfort.

Dickson, TN Heat Pump Installation

Why consider a heat pump installation? A heat pump provides several great benefits for the right home:

  • Two-in-one operation: With one installation, you have cooling and heating around the year taken care of.
  • Energy savings: In heating mode, heat pumps transfer heat rather than create it, which is less costly compared to heating with an electric furnace. 
  • Alternative to gas heating: A heat pump can provide effective, comfortable home heating in our climate, and does so without natural gas. If you’re looking to heat your house without using gas, a heat pump may be perfect.
  • Safe: No concerns about leaking gas fumes and combustion. The outside of a heat pump doesn’t even get warm in heating mode.

We offer a 1-year money-back guarantee on certain installations and repalcements—call for more details.

Heat Pump Replacement in Dickson

Even the most well-cared for heat pump will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. When your heat pump starts to lose its efficiency and comfort due to age, it’s time to schedule a heat pump replacement with professionals. It’s a big decision, but you’ll see a reduction in energy bills and an increase in comfort levels with the newest in heat pump technology. Reach out to our team to schedule this service: we’re known for providing high quality services paired with top-notch equipment.

Dickson, TN Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps don’t encounter many complications that other systems do. However, they can still need heat pump repair services now and again. Whether it’s the first repair or the fifth, you’ll be glad you called a trustworthy team to handle those repairs when they crop up.

The expert technicians at David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC are happy to provide repairs to keep your heat pump working effectively and efficiently. What’s more, we offer heat pump maintenance to keep repair needs to a minimum. As a member of our maintenance club, you’ll enjoy additional benefits. Reach out to us to learn more details about our maintenance program.