We Can Help Expand Your Use of Natural Gas in the Home

July 4th, 2022

Along with working on natural gas heating systems like furnaces, we also provide service to install, repair, replace, and maintain gas lines in Dickson, TN. This is a job that you only want to trust to experienced and licensed professionals. Inferior work on gas lines can create significant dangers for a house, so always turn to our highly trained team and trust to our great reputation when it comes to your gas line needs.

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The Importance of Great Ducts In Your Home

June 13th, 2022

Your ducts are the lifeline of your home. All your conditioned air (whether cold or hot) travels through this ductwork. If it’s compromised in any way, you’re going to notice a decline in both your comfort and efficiency. This is bad news because there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable home and high energy bills to match. You don’t have to replace your air conditioning system or even engage in air conditioning repair to rectify this issue. A lot of the time, the problem stems from your home’s ductwork rather than the air conditioning system itself. If you’re looking for great duct sealing in Dickson, TN, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re around when you need great work because quality is important to us. We always take the extra steps. 

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It’s a Great Time for Your AC’s Annual Tune-Up!

May 9th, 2022

May is the last full month of spring—and spring is the right time of year to arrange for regular AC maintenance in Dickson, TN. Any air conditioning system that works as hard as ours do during the summers needs to have a professional inspection and tune-up each year to ensure the system works at its best through the coming hot weather.

We make regular air conditioning maintenance easy through our special maintenance program. When you join, you’ll receive two tune-ups for your HVAC system a year: the first in spring for your air conditioner, and the second in fall for your heater. Our technicians will give your air conditioning system a complete 14-point inspection and full tune-up. In addition, you’ll receive additional membership benefits such as priority service, a discount on repair work and replacement services, and no overtime charges for after hours.

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Late Season Heating Problem? Don’t Delay Having It Repaired!

April 11th, 2022

Once April comes around, most of us are ready for the warm weather to settle in and just stay. It’s spring: we’d all like to be done with winter and move on.

Of course, the weather doesn’t always behave the way we want it, and early spring is an unpredictable period. You’ll still need to pay attention to your heating system, and that means knowing when it’s time to call our technicians for heater repair in Dickson, TN.

We can hear your objection now: “Do I need to worry about scheduling repairs for a heater when it’s already spring? It’s not like I’ll need the heating system that much, and the warm weather will soon be here.” We’ll explain more below why it’s always wise to stay on top of a malfunctioning heater and have repairs done as soon as possible.

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Why Won’t My Furnace’s Burners Stay Lit?

March 7th, 2022

Gas furnaces are the most common heating system found around the country because of their capacity to generate heat, their reliability, and the lower cost of natural gas compared to electricity. But no gas furnace can be 100% dependable, and you may come across a problem where your furnace’s burners don’t remain lit long enough for you to get enough heat for your house. 

What’s causing this? There are several possibilities, and in most situations, you’ll need to call professionals for furnace repair in Ashland City, TN. You don’t want to tinker with a gas furnace yourself: there’s a reason most furnaces have a warning on their front panel not to open it! Let our licensed experts handle the work so we can resolve the issue effectively and safely.

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Are Your Heating Bills Higher Than Ever? Let’s Find Out Why!

February 25th, 2022

You’re probably looking for ways you can save money this year. If you’ve noticed your heating bills are much higher than normal, that’s a good place to start with saving. You need a heating system to run regularly during the winter, but you might be paying more to heat the home than necessary. 

Below we’re going to look at several heating services in Dickson, TN that can help you lower heating costs—our technicians can discover the source of those increased bills and get it fixed!

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Is Your Gas Furnace Not Heating Up Your Home Enough?

January 24th, 2022

When the serious cold weather settles in for the new year, the furnace in your house will undergo its biggest test. Is it passing that test? You might notice that your gas furnace, which has previously kept your family comfortable, isn’t performing as well as it used to. What’s happening, and what can you do about it?

We have long experience working with gas furnaces, and we’ve seen the many ways they can start to fall behind. We’ll guide you through some of the possibilities behind your furnace’s struggle to heat the house and help you find the best solution.

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Is My Furnace Air Filter Enough to Clean the Household Air?

December 27th, 2021

Your furnace comes equipped with an air filter that’s usually found at the point where the return air duct connects to the furnace cabinet where the blower fan is located. Sometimes the filter is behind the vent cover of the return air vent. If the cabinet contains both the furnace and the air conditioner, the systems will use the same filter, which is why the filter is sometimes called the HVAC filter. 

You might assume that this filter’s primary purpose is to help provide cleaner, healthier air for the house. After all, why else have a filter in place? The truth is different, however. Although the furnace filter can provide some minor benefit to your home’s indoor air quality, this isn’t what it is designed to do. If you’re looking for better indoor air quality, you can’t rely on the filter and may need to look into other options.

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Five Warning Sounds That You Need Heating Repair

November 22nd, 2021

When it comes to getting your home’s heating system repaired, the sooner you have it done, the better for the heater. (And probably the less expensive too.) You don’t want to get caught off-guard when your heating system shuts down entirely. Thankfully, a full heater breakdown rarely occurs without some kind of warning. If you know the warning signs to watch for, you can schedule heating repair in White Bluff, TN early enough to prevent bigger problems.

In this post, we’re going to look at five sounds from your heater that can warn you of trouble. Odd sounds are among the most common warning signs from a heating system, and these are the ones that crop up the most often:

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Signs It’s Time to Replace an Aging Furnace

November 8th, 2021

One of the parts of preparing for winter weather is ensuring your home’s furnace is up to the job of keeping your family warm. This means scheduling the right Ashland, TN heating services to maintain and inspect the furnace. (If you haven’t had maintenance done yet, fall is the ideal time for it—call us to sign up for our maintenance program.)

But there’s another step you may need to take with your furnace. It won’t happen every year, but one year you’ll face the possibility that you need to have a new furnace installed. Is this the year you schedule a furnace replacement? We can help you find out. Below is a list of the major signs indicating you’re ready for a new furnace in your home.

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