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How Would You Grade Your AC for the End of the Summer?


School’s back in session, which also means we’re moving into the time of year when we use our air conditioners less and less until they shut down entirely until spring. This is a good season to take stock of your air conditioning system’s performance over the summer so you can take steps to improve it. This may mean calling for repairs, or it could mean scheduling a full replacement.

To help you analyze your AC’s performance, we’ve provided a short guide. All you have to do is think about how well your AC did over the summer, taking into account its reliability and if it needed repairs. Then give the air conditioner a letter grade, just like school, from “A” to “F,” and consult the guide below:


Great! Sounds like you had a trouble-free and cool summer inside your house, and your AC will probably hang around for a few more years. But keep in mind how your air conditioner can perform this well—probably annual maintenance. Keep it up: regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your AC keeps coming back from summer with an “A” on its report card for many years.


The air conditioner did the job you wanted, kept the house cool, didn’t break down. That’s good. But why did you hold back from giving it a full “A” grade? That’s what we want you to focus on because it could be due to skipping out on maintenance, or overlooking a problem that currently seems minor. Prompt action can stop the AC’s GPA from slipping.


Now we’re moving into problem territory. A “C” is still a passing grade; your air conditioner is giving you cooling. But maybe it needed a repair at some point, or you’ve noticed rooms aren’t getting cool enough. You might worry more about the air conditioner not coming on. All valid concerns, and we recommend calling a technician to see if the system requires repairs, or if it’s ready for replacement.


Well, it’s not failing exactly, but you’re not happy with your air conditioning system. If you gave your AC this grade, it probably required an expensive repair during the year, or the cooling coming from it can’t keep up with the heat. We strongly advise you work with us to see what’s happening, because the system may be heading for a breakdown. 


Your air conditioning system isn’t working. At all. And when it was working, it was barely keeping you cool. Call us right away, because this AC may be finished. 

If you think you need a new air conditioning installation in Dickson, TN, then the fall is a good time to have it done. Our HVAC technicians have more open schedules, and we can find a convenient time to talk to you about your cooling system and replacing it. If you’re not certain if your AC needs a replacement or not, we’ll provide honest opinions to help you with the choice. People value us for the honesty of our team and the quality of our service. We’re family-owned and dedicated to serving our loyal customers.

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