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Why Cost-Cutting on HVAC Services Can Cost You More


There’s a difference between “saving money” and “cheap,” but people often tangle up the two. They see a low price for an HVAC service, like an air conditioner repair, and assume that means they’ll save money. But “cheap” often means something is cheap all-around: shoddily done and temporary at best. That kind of cheap HVAC service is the opposite of saving money because it means more troubles in the future—often the near future—with poor system performance, additional repair problems, and even an early system failure.

When you invest in HVAC services in Dickson, TN with our professionals, you’ll receive great work and lasting results, and that means saving money as well. Below we’ll go into more detail about why choosing our professionals is better and less expensive than to try cost-cutting with DIY or amateur service.

Cheap Is Actually Expensive

When we talk about going “cheap” with HVAC services, we’re specifically talking about trying to do the work on your own or hiring amateurs who make big promises for a (suspiciously) low price tag.

“Do-it-yourself” work is appealing because people like to think they can solve problems on their own and maybe save money at the same time. DIY might be fine when it comes to fixing a table with a wobbly leg. It’s not when it comes to a complex system like an air conditioner: these appliances require years of training to service, as well as specialized tools that homeowners don’t have easy access to. Your chances of getting an HVAC job done correctly are slim, while the chances of making things worse are too high.

When it comes to amateur work, the person offering to do the service might have some idea what they’re doing, and maybe they have the right tools. But you don’t have any assurances about either. Or much assurance about anything. There’s a high risk that the amateur will fail to repair the actual problem, create another problem, or complete the job so quickly and haphazardly that the problem will come right back again only days later.

But the biggest trouble with relying on amateur work is that amateurs won’t go the extra mile to look into an HVAC system to see if they’ve addressed all the problems. Most amateurs make money on the volume of work they do, which means rushing each job and not making the full effort to solve problems at the core. These low-cost “technicians” are looking to do the bare minimum, and they’ll leave you stuck with the future costs, such as high electric bills and malfunctions that come right back, possibly worse than before.

Investing in Professional Service

Hiring HVAC professionals is an investment: this is how you “spend money to save money.” If you go with amateurs or take on the work yourself, you’ll need to come to a professional eventually to straighten everything out. That’s not just spending more money. That’s spending more time. When you go to professionals, the work will be done right the first time—and already you’re coming out ahead.

When you turn to our professionals this spring and summer for your AC services, you can expect we’ll get the job done right and provide you with a long-lasting solution. That’s a great way to not only save money but enjoy uninterrupted, worry-free cooling.

Truest to Our Dedicated HVAC Professionals

We’re “a name you can trust” because we go the extra mile on all jobs. Our company’s core values are honesty, quality, and loyalty, and you’ll see that reflected in any work we do for you. If you’re looking for professional HVAC service this summer or any other time of year, we’re the experts you can rely on.  

Contact David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC today for your HVAC needs. A name you can trust.

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