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Signs It’s Time to Replace an Aging Furnace


One of the parts of preparing for winter weather is ensuring your home’s furnace is up to the job of keeping your family warm. This means scheduling the right Ashland, TN heating services to maintain and inspect the furnace. (If you haven’t had maintenance done yet, fall is the ideal time for it—call us to sign up for our maintenance program.)

But there’s another step you may need to take with your furnace. It won’t happen every year, but one year you’ll face the possibility that you need to have a new furnace installed. Is this the year you schedule a furnace replacement? We can help you find out. Below is a list of the major signs indicating you’re ready for a new furnace in your home.

The furnace is more expensive to run than before

A big benefit of keeping up with regular furnace maintenance is that it stops the furnace from losing its energy efficiency and wasting power. But maintenance can only stop a furnace’s decline for so long. Eventually, age will catch up to it and you’ll begin to see higher and higher costs to run the furnace each winter. If repairs and maintenance aren’t turning the situation around, it’s best to get a new furnace.

The furnace is too old

The average service life of a furnace depends on its type and how well it’s been maintained. The standard life expectancy of a gas furnace is 15 years, and for an electric furnace it’s 20 years. Lack of maintenance will drop this down several years. We strongly advise replacing a furnace that’s over its service life expectancy, even if it still seems to be outwardly working fine. It will soon experience a rapid decline and may even develop safety hazards. 

The furnace has become a source of noise pollution

The sound of a furnace running is part of the regular noises of winter in your house. You probably don’t even notice it most of the time. When the furnace starts to become a noisy nuisance, making loud and odd noises, it likely means it’s ready to retire. 

The furnace has a cracked heat exchanger

During maintenance, our technicians will carefully examine your furnace for any safety concerns. One we watch out for is cracks in the heat exchanger of a gas furnace. This usually occurs because the furnace is old and has started to corrode. Although we can replace the heat exchanger, this is an expensive repair to make for a furnace that’s developing significant problems from age, and often replacing the whole furnace is the best choice.

Uneven or weak heating

Is your furnace simply not doing the job you once expected from it? Cold spots appearing in the house are an early warning the furnace is beginning to lose its heating capacity. When you start pushing the thermostat higher and higher to stay comfortable, it means the furnace isn’t keeping up—and this may mean the system is starting to fail.

You don’t have to make the choice to replace your furnace on your own: our technicians can help you out with honest, expert opinions. We’ll watch out for your family’s comfort!

Rely on David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC when you need better heating for your home. A Name You Can Trust.

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