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How a Dehumidifier Can Help Your Home


When people think of high humidity levels, they usually think of hot days that feel even worse because of the muggy air. This is why “a dry heat” is supposed to indicate heat that’s more tolerable. (Dry air brings its own problems, but that’s for another post.)

You can’t do much about high humidity outdoors, but you can control humidity inside your house. There are portable dehumidifiers, but they’re limited in scope and don’t give you precise control over humidity levels. For proper humidity control, you’ll need our professionals to install a whole-house dehumidifier. This is integrated into your existing HVAC system and can be controlled through an upgraded thermostat. 

If you’re debating about getting a whole-house dehumidifier, chances are that you probably need one. We’ll explain below the ways a dehumidifier can benefit your home—it’s more than just better comfort during the heat. But we’ll start with that…

Dehumidifiers make it easier to stay cool

Why does high humidity make you feel hotter on warm days? The moisture in the air doesn’t raise the temperature of the air. What it does is trap more heat inside your body so the air feels hotter. The moisture makes it more difficult for you to expel heat through your skin by perspiration. An 85°F day will still be 85°F, but the humidity will make it feel as if it’s 8° to 10° hotter. 

A whole-house dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air by evaporating refrigerant. This is similar to how an AC works, but a dehumidifier doesn’t cool the air and can handle much more moisture than an AC. When the relative humidity is balanced around 45%, you won’t feel any extra heat from the humidity.

Dehumidifiers lower your cooling costs

When you feel cooler on hot days because the humidity is balanced, you’ll also use the air conditioning system much less. Think of the difference that feeling 8° to 10° cooler can make for running the AC: on mildly warm days, you may not need to turn the AC on at all thanks to the dehumidifier, and on other days the AC won’t need to run through long cycles to keep you cool enough. 

Dehumidifiers protect your house from water damage

Humidity affects more than the people inside a house. The moisture settles along surfaces and can lead to significant water damage. Wood is the most susceptible to damage from moisture, leading to wood rot and warping. Humidity also allows for the growth of mildew that eats through drywall. 

Dehumidifiers protect people’s health

High humidity is connected to several health problems that affect households. A moist environment allows for molds to grow, and molds are major triggers of allergies and respiratory problems. Mold can be an insidious problem affecting many parts of a house, but a dehumidifier stops mold growth at its source. 

Dehumidifiers stop other household nuisances

Finally, high humidity creates several annoyances for a home: clothes don’t dry fast enough, odors from mildews, condensation on surfaces, and an increase in pests. A dehumidifier will solve these problems as well.

Curious about getting a whole-house dehumidifier? Our team is glad to answer all your questions. And, while we’re here, we want to mention that we install whole-house humidifiers as well.

Contact David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC to schedule service for dehumidifiers in Dickson, TN.  A Name You Can Trust.

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