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Duct Services in Dickson, TN

The ductwork in your home may be invisible during your day-to-day life, but it has a noticeable effect on your home comfort. Your ducts are responsible for delivering the temperature-controlled and filtered air that your ducted HVAC systems provide. It makes sense that you would want a reliable team to turn to that can help keep your home’s ducts in the best working condition.

Our team at David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC can offer you the services you need to ensure your ductwork is kept in good shape. We can provide you with air duct testing to detect issues. From there we can offer you the services that can address those issues like air duct repair and air duct replacement.

Invest in your comfort today and contact A Name You Can Trust!

Air Duct Testing

How do you know that there is a problem with your ductwork? You can’t see your ducts so it isn’t like you can scan them for dirty build-up or leaks. But there are several warnings signs to watch for:

  • Heating and air conditioning bills are much higher than they once were
  • There are musty and moldy odors coming from the vents
  • Heating and cooling is uneven around the house
  • Airflow from the vents is weaker
  • The ductwork often rattles when the AC or heater is running

If you’re suspicious about leaking ducts, call us for air duct testing services. Using professional equipment, one of our technicians can judge the air pressure in your ducts and check for issues like air leaks.

If we detect duct leakage, we’ll work with you to schedule and provide the appropriate services to repair the problems. Air duct testing offers you a great amount of clarity so you know exactly what your ductwork requires to ensure your home comfort and HVAC system efficiency. Just reach out to us to schedule your appointment.

Air Duct Repair

Over time, your home’s ductwork will wear down. This can lead to the development of small leaks or holes in the duct material. While this might not sound like much trouble, it can have a large impact on your home comfort. Air ducts that have developed air leaks will allow temperature-controlled air to escape and permit unfiltered air into your house.

Scheduling air duct repair with our professional team in Dickson, TN is the best solution to this issue. We have the tools, training, and expertise necessary to close up any leaks in your ductwork. This will restore the strength of the HVAC system’s airflow and reduce the spikes in your energy bills that air duct leaks can cause. Contact David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC today to schedule your air duct repair service or any other work your ducts may need. We go the extra mile!