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Labor Warranty

Your comfort is important at home. Something that goes hand in hand with your comfort is your labor warranty. We can guarantee your peace of mind with this type of labor warranty. Think about it like this: each heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality system in your home is an investment. You need to protect them. That’s where our labor warranty (also known as the Premium Protection Plan) comes in. 

David Brown Heating & Cooling, LLC wants to help you protect your investment. You can contact one of our professionals to talk about your options. Today, we’d like to answer some frequently asked questions surrounding this system…

We have a great labor warranty! Contact us today. A name you can trust.


What’s the Premium Protection Plan?

Our Premium Protection Plan is both a convenient and affordable service agreement that’s going to give you "Guaranteed Peace of Mind." It’s always worthwhile to protect your home’s HVAC systems. You never know what’s going to happen with your home’s heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality system. Our Premium Protection Plan helps you expect the unexpected. You can still enroll in this plan up to two years later. 

What’s Included in the Premium Protection Plan?

You’re covered if the worst possible problem happens to you.

  • No deductible

  • No limit on repairs

  • It covers all brands

  • It’s affordable protection

Most of the time, your manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover labor. Our Premium Protection Plan does. 100% of the labor charges associated with your repairs are covered. Make sure that you’re taking the quality of your systems seriously. We’re here to help.